I hope you will join our diverse and dynamic community, as we walk together, and enrich our faith lives. Your suggestions for upcoming studies and events are always welcome, and my door is always open! Below are the two schools that provide excellent opportunities to register for online studies that will enhance and deepen your faith experiences.

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Blessings to all,

Sister Linda

The University of Dayton’s VLCFF program has announced its 2023 schedule of courses. The overall calendar of session dates is attached as well as a schedule of which courses are available in each cycle of the program.

If you are not familiar with the VLCFF program (which stands for Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation), VLCFF is an online platform for ongoing formation. The program is a hybrid of synchronous and asynchronous study. The “synchronous” part is that classes have a defined start and end date as noted on the attached calendar. Each week has requirements that need to be met during the week in order to get credit. The “asynchronous” part is that you can log in and complete these requirements at times during each week that work for you – there are no set class times during each week of the cycle, just a requirement that each week’s lessons be completed on time. Cycles run between 3 and 5 weeks.

Learning is based on a dialog between students on bulletin boards based on prompts prepared by the University of Dayton as well as written assignments that are evaluated by a facilitator for the course. A variety of certificate programs outline a learning path that leads to certification by the University of Dayton in that area of study. As an affiliated diocese with the University of Dayton, students from the diocese can register at a discounted rate.

To learn more about the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation, go to https://vlcff.udayton.edu/.

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