Building and Grounds

These work to give back to the community at large and we appreciate their commitment. If you have an hour per week or per month, your church needs you. We are always in need of more volunteers. Contact Parish Office.

  • Church Cleaners—Our Temple Tenders is a ministry of volunteers that gather Monday mornings after the morning Mass to clean and dust our Church. We take pride in making Church of the Little Flower a welcoming, inviting place to worship. Just show up and plan to spend an hour or two in the church.
  • The Green Team—grounds beautification and upkeep—Volunteers
  • Maintenance Items—Volunteers, The Men’s Club.

Diocesan Child Abuse Reporting

How the Diocese of Springfield Is Responding

The Diocese has instituted several policies towards that goal. These include:

A code of conduct for employees and volunteers who work with children and youth, is outlined in the Policy Against Sexual Misconduct for Lay Employees and Volunteers. This code makes clear what acceptable behavior is and the standards of conduct regarding sexual abuse and harassment.

A code of conduct for clergy and religious leaders who work with children and youth, outlined in the Policy Against Sexual Misconduct for Clergy and Religious Personnel. This code makes clear what acceptable behavior is and the standards of conduct regarding sexual abuse and harassment.

Background checks on all adults who have regular and consistent contact with minors.

Special training programs for all adults who work with minors, including priests, ministers, educators, church personnel, parents and volunteers. They are briefed on preventing, identifying, responding to and reporting child abuse.

Reporting Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse

To report allegations of sexual abuse of a minor by clergy or other church personnel — even if it is in the past — individuals are encouraged to call the Diocese’s Child Abuse Reporting and Investigation number at 217.321.1155. Individuals may also contact Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Child Abuse Hotline at 1.800.25.ABUSE.

In the State of Illinois many professionals, including CLERGY, TEACHERS, doctors, counselors, etc. — are MANDATED reporters.   This means such individuals are required to report to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services within 24 hours if they SUSPECT a child is being neglected or abused in any way.  Individuals may also contact Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Child Abuse Hotline at 1.800.25.ABUSE.  The line is answered 24 hours a day.  There may be significant penalties for mandated reporters who fail to report suspected child abuse or neglect.

The Diocese of Springfield encourages ANYONE who has reason to suspect a child is being abused or neglected to report the matter to local authorities.

Finance Council

The Finance Council meets monthly to chart the financial course of the parish. The minutes of those meetings will be made available for download here.


The current members on the Council are:

Fr. Kemme, Anita Barber, Jennifer Killian, Joe Kulek, Bobbie Rupnik, Daniel Bonn, Julie Herter, Kyle Berry and Courtney Ostrowski.


Minutes of the Council:





Men’s Club

Men’s ClubThe men of the parish promote good fellowship while performing a variety of activities to raise money for the parish, welcome new men to the parish, and work to repair and keep the buildings in good condition. Meetings are held at 5:45 p.m. on the second Monday of January, March, May, July, September and November. Meals are served.

Pastoral & Discipleship Council

The Little Flower Pastoral & Discipleship Council is an advisory board designed to consult with the Pastor regarding aspects of parish life that support discipleship and holiness. The council strives to assure that all aspects of parish life reflect the mission and ministry of Jesus. The LFPPC meets regularly.


Members: Fr. Al Kemme, Ron Fafoglia, Rod Hughes, Arlene Kocher, Dan Pittman, Ranjiv Matthews, Wayne Rovey, Nicholas Titone (HS rep), Erin Sanchez.

Minutes of the Council:

LFS Pastoral Council meeting September 2 (3)


Protecting God’s Children

Little Flower Church is proud be taking part in the “Protecting God’s Children” program which comes to us from the “Virtus” organization of the National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc. This program is sponsored by the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois and is a training program by which all volunteers and employees of our parish who have ministerial work with children are taught certain guidelines for the protection both of the minister and for the children to whom they are ministering. While we are still in the process of training all such ministers, we are wholly devoted to the safe education and faith formation of our children and youth who are of such profound importance to the lives of our parish community and of our families.

More information on this and other Virtus programs can be found at:

Church of the Little Flower does not offer the Protecting God’s Children training workshop at this time.  However, you may register to take the workshop at St. Joseph the Worker in Chatham by calling (217) 483-3772.


St. Theresé (Ladies) Guild

The women of the parish assist Little Flower Parish through prayer and fundraising throughout the year. Monthly meetings are held from September through May with refreshments, good information, and fun activities.

St. Therese Guild wishes to welcome the women of the parish and invite them to any or all the Guild’s gatherings from September through May. At these gatherings, we join with other parish women in service and prayer while we enjoy food, activities, games, entertainment, guest speakers, and occasional prizes.

This September of 2017, St. Therese Guild begins its 70th year of involvement in Little Flower Parish promoting and supporting numerous projects and events.

The Guild Mission is to assist in a spiritual and material way any parish, church, deanery or diocesan activity that may be recommended by the Pastor and the Guild President. It also is to establish closer relationships among the women of the parish for the benefit of the parish.

All women of the parish are automatically member of the St. Therese Guild. Dues are not mandatory. However, in an effort to assist in a material way to meet the needs of the parish a small annual fee of $5 a year is suggested. Of course, larger donations are accepted and appreciated.

The St. Therese Guild has 3 major fundraisers each year. In September, the Guild has its annual Bakeless Bake Sale. In November, the Guild sponsors a craft booth at the Annual PTC Craft Bazaar. The Guild comes together to create a craft for the sale as well as accepts any individual’s handmade crafts donated to the sale. Then in the spring, the Guild holds its Geranium Sales. It is our largest fundraiser of the year. All profits are used for the needs of the parish community.

Below is a list of some of the ministries the St. Therese Guild participates in, events we provide for, and activities members help with.

  • Provide food, supplies and volunteers for Funeral Luncheons of parishioners who request this service
  • Donate to Holy Family Food Pantry’s Thanksgiving food drive
  • Provide funds and volunteers for parish grounds improvement
  • Provide supplies and volunteers to Vacation Bible School
  • Provide an auction item and desserts for the Annual Silent Auction fundraiser for Little Flower School
  • Provide volunteers to help with Meals on Wheels
  • Provide desserts at a Men’s Club meeting as a thank you for all the Men’s Club does in partnering with Guild
  • Participate in St. Therese Guild Sunday by celebrating Mass together with the Parish
  • Donate craft items and volunteers at the Annual School Craft Bazaar
  • Represent Little Flower Parish at the DCCW Conference
  • Organize the parish Angel Tree at Christmas
  • Send cards to homebound, ailing, or grieving parishioner
  • Choose a parishioner to be honored by the Bishop as our “Women of Distinction”

The St. Therese Guild invites your participation in our important ministry in our Little Flower Parish Community.

We look forward to welcoming new members as well as welcoming back all previous members! Please join us!

A list of dates and times for our meetings and activities are always listed in the church bulletin, Father’s News to Use emails, the parish website or see us on our new Little Flower St. Therese Guild Facebook page!

Young at Heart

Senior parishioners (55 and over). Social gathering and programs are offered to educate and help all enjoy and live life more fully. Contact: Curt Drew.