May 14, 2020 2:16 pm

Reception of Communion – Beginning this weekend parishioners will be able to receive communion. Even though we still have limits on public gatherings, it is now possible to distribute Holy Communion to individuals under certain conditions. This Saturday I will have a video Mass at 4pm. There I will consecrate a large number of hosts in order to have 3 times designated for reception of communion: Saturday at approximately 4:45 and Sunday at 8am and 10am. I would ask people to attend only one of these 3 times. Details follow:
Communion will be given in the Church and parish center 9 people at a time. When arriving please park either near the Church or Parish Center. We will have ushers outside to control the flow of traffic. You will remain in your cars until it is your turn to stand in line.
Ushers will direct people either to the Hall or Church. There will be 2 areas at each building, one for waiting and the other for distribution of communion. Upon leaving your car, please have your mask in place. Upon entering the waiting line, there will be hand sanitizer if needed. (unless you bring your own.)
Upon entering the Church and Hall, myself and Fr. Teddy will have specific directions for you. We will then have a short communion service (5 minutes) and reception of communion. You will be standing in waiting line and throughout the service. Call the office for disability options.
Upon exiting the Church and Hall please do not congregate in the parking lot but prayerfully return to your vehicles.
This is an opportunity to receive Communion, not a full Mass. The Bishop has still waived the Mass requirement so no one is obliged to take part in this prayer. Even though social distancing will be followed, do not feel you need to attend if you feel unsafe.
I will also be distributing communion after the livestream masses on Tuesday and Thursday mornings about 8:20am in church only for those who wish to receive.