June 4, 2020 4:30 pm

Dear Fr. Kemme-
Thank you for submitting your Parish Readiness Report for Little Flower. We have reviewed your report and the official certification for reopening is attached.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at reopening@dio.org. Please continue to review https://www.dio.org/parishreopeningplan for the most up to date information.
God bless,
The Public Mass Reopening Task Force (Fr. Daren Zehnle, Katie Price, and Jim Bock)

Parish Readiness Report
Parish Name: Little Flower Deanery: Springfield Parish Address: Street Address: 800 Stevenson Dr.
City: Springfield State / Province: IL Postal / Zip Code: 62703

Pastor: Rev. Allen Kemme
Section I: Key Leadership Team
Lay Co-Leader: Mary Ann Keenan
Lay Co-Leader: Collins Pieper
Greeter/Usher Captain: Mike Hine
Cleaning Captain: Maureen Brennan

Section II: Parish Additional Preparations
The following action items are required to reopen and remain open on an ongoing basis:
Provide and maintain an adequatesupply of cleaning and disinfecting supplies (30-60 days worth would be anappropriate goal).
Sufficient volunteers must be organized and trained to clean church between services
Ensure all volunteer teams (including Greeter/Ushers, Cleaning, and Liturgical Ministers) review guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting between services in case all volunteers’ assistance is needed
The following action items are required to reopen and remain open on an ongoing basis:
Remove hymnals, missalettes and any other materials from the pews
Remove bulletins and all other paper-based materials from narthex/gathering space
Remove holy water from stoups and baptismal fonts, wipe clean with disinfectant and remain empty
Provide monitored or locked offertory boxes in lieu of passing the offertory basket
Post safety signs provided by the Curia in the lobby and outside front entrance
The above action items are required on an ongoing basis. By clicking this acknowledgment and submitting this readiness rep