August 14, 2020 5:02 pm

Dear Parishioners,
For these reasons I am adapting our communion protocol:
* CDC information points to the airborne nature of the virus and the renewed importance of masks.
* Increasing cases and higher hospitalizations in Sangamon county, central Illinois and countrywide.
* Specific concern of individuals under my Pastoral Care.

Option #1: Holy Communion during the Mass will continue with these changes.
Priests and Eucharistic ministers are now required to wear a mask while giving out communion.
• For those who desire to receive Holy Communion, they may do so at the appropriate moment, and those who wish to remain in their places (disability) may do so. The faithful should maintain a 6-foot distance from each other as they come forward for Holy Communion, continue to wear a mask until just before or while receiving the Eucharist. Continue to keep the 6’ distance from Priest/EM and as you say ‘Amen,’ then move forward to receive the Eucharist.
The CDC states: COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet), so the use of cloth face coverings is particularly important in settings where people are close to each other or where social distancing is difficult to maintain. I add again that it is important that the person receiving communion continue to wear a mask while in the communion line. Then briefly remove it in order to receive the Eucharist.

Father Al Kemme