November 14, 2020 5:40 pm

A note from Dr. Bill Moredock, LFSchool principal:
LFS Parents: This email is an update on our outlook on Covid related issues as it pertains to Little Flower and in-person learning. The great news is that LFS has provided outstanding in-person education for the past 13 weeks! Our safety plan for our students and staff has been diligently implemented and we have managed the medical complexities very effectively over the course of this semester. The current headwinds we face include the rising positivity rates in our area and what Governor Pritzker might do in response.
Over the past week I have consulted with our faculty, our LFS School Board members, the Diocese of Springfield, the principals of other local Catholic schools, and several local physicians. Fr. Kemme and I are in agreement that Little Flower will provide in-person learning as long as we can continue to provide a safe environment. All of the aforementioned advising groups strongly support this decision.
Thank you for doing your part in our screening and quarantine protocols. As a reminder, please keep students home if they are symptomatic. If someone tests positive for Covid-19 in your home, please keep everyone home and quarantine. Continue to report illnesses, direct contact exposure, and test results to Tiffany and Jayne.
Our teachers are ready to pivot to remote instruction. Hopefully, we will not have to go that route.
There are a lot of rumors floating out there about school closures. You are up to date about our intentions to stay open. Thank you for your support.