February 24, 2023 6:07 pm

Eucharist Procedure post Covid
• The priest will give the chalice to the last minister of the Eucharist who will at least for now proceed to the middle aisle to distribute the cup to those who wish. If you wish to receive from the cup, make sure you are in the line where you can easily proceed to the middle aisle. Reception of the cup will alternate L/R to the people who come to the minister of the cup. Please form a line along raised step on either side of cup minister)
• As far as minsters of the Body of Christ, 2 will be at the reception spots over by the organ and one will be to the right side of Sanctuary diagonal aisle, PLEASE COME FORWARD IN A SINGLE FILE LINE!
• After Communion the consecrated bread is taken to the Altar and put in one container. It is then reserved for distribution to the sick or for private devotion.
Future Plans: I will go with this procedure for a couple weeks to see if we need more cup ministers. Maybe this set up will encourage more ministers to step up…
Thank you! Fr. Al