July 9, 2024 8:01 pm

Eucharist Procession update: We have received permission from the Secretary of State to have an altar at the Lincoln Statue at the Capitol Building! The procession order:

Bishop Paprocki from Cathedral to benediction at the altar set up by the Lincoln statute at the State Capitol Building.
Msgr. Hoefler following benediction at the Capitol to W. Lawrence.
Fr. Kemme from W. Lawrence to E. Allen Street.
Fr. Alford from E. Allen to Laurel Street.
Fr. McCullough from 2nd and Laurel to S. Lowell.
Fr. Grant from S. Lowell into Blessed Sacrament for Benediction. 20-30 minutes of adoration at Blessed Sacrament (restrooms and water refills)

Fr. Osiaga out of Blessed Sacrament along Laurel to S. Park Avenue.
Canon of SJC from S. Park into Washington Park. Water refill station hosted by Curia.
Fr. Tracy at Washington Park water stop to W. Lawrence Ave.
Fr. Nellikunnel at W. Lawrence to W. Governor.
Canon of SJC from W. Governor into Dominican Motherhouse for Benediction. 20-30 minutes of adoration at Motherhouse (restrooms and water refills)
After benediction, Fr. Samples to St. Agnes.
Final benediction at St. Agnes by Bishop Paprocki.