Institute of Catholic Culture

I am writing to inform you about an exciting educational opportunity offered by the Institute of Catholic Culture that may benefit Catechists and Catholic educators in your diocese.

Beginning in January, the Institute of Catholic Culture will host a live online free course: “Patristics 101: Apostolic and Ante-Nicene Fathers,” taught by Dr. John Pepino.

The Fathers of the Church played a pivotal role in the early Church by giving written expression to the truth taught by Christ and preached by the apostles. In this course, we will study closely the writings of the early Church Fathers and come to understand their lasting impact on the Church.

This course will occur weekly on Thursdays from January 25 – June 20. It is offered completely free of charge. You and others in your diocese can sign up for the course here.

We would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about this opportunity!

At the Institute of Catholic Culture, we offer a wide variety of educational programs year-round for growing in knowledge of the faith, suitable for Catechists of any background and all free of charge. If you are interested in hearing about upcoming Catholic educational opportunities at the ICC, just click here to let us know.

In Christ,

Cecilia Pastrone

Program Coordinator